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Screaming -

About Screaming

Previous Entry Screaming Nov. 21st, 2008 @ 06:17 pm Next Entry

Originally published at The Glass People. You can comment here or there.

Sometimes you just feel like screaming. It’s near the end of the semester and things are really hectic for me. I have too many projects, too many readings, and too much photography to do. I rarely have time for anything personal. I’m ok with all of this most of the time, but sometimes I get a little stressed or frustrated.

At a team meeting just last night we took two screaming breaks, back to back. We counted off to three and just screamed our heads off. We didn’t care who heard us or what they might say. We just screamed. We all felt much, much better afterward. Later, I went home and continued my screaming for just a bit.

I’m not saying that everything isn’t going well, because it is. I’m just saying that things get crazy sometimes, and everyone gets frustrated. Screaming helps.

Screaming 1

screaming 1

Screaming 2

Screaming 2

November 20, 2008 : The Screaming Jump

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